Failure is not a option.


Thank You for Saying “No”

I’ve lost track of how many letters I’ve sent out to Fortune 500 companies in the area and to Philanthropists inquiring about possible scholarship or sponsorship opportunities for graduate school. So far I have received two responses, one “no” and one that gave me a suggestion about somewhere else that I could look. I have 9 total hits on my blog, and I am not sure how many of those are due to myself (:-D) or spammers. But I am also inspired, it is inspirational that I have one person following my blog and that I received two responses. And I find it inspirational that someone gave me the time of day. The people who wrote the responses took the time, even if they already knew what their answer  would be to read my letter and send me a response. And someone also took the time to visit my blog. I want to be able to inspire people. And just the idea that someone took the time to read the letter, is amazing.

Although I personalized the letter for each person, I began each letter the same, by sharing about my friend. He was in a horrific car accident and the doctors told everyone to say goodbye. To this day I don’t understand why it was him instead of me. He is one of the most talented individuals that I have ever met and I could not imagine this world without him. Through a miracle he survived what the doctors deemed to be impossible and he continues to break down barriers.  Honestly I think the world would have been better with me in a wheelchair and on the road to recovery instead of him. He said that “walking is falling continually.” And that really is true. Although I may not have received the response that I initially wanted from my letters, the excitement that I felt as I read the responses was a excitement that I have not felt for a long time. Even if they response was in the negative towards my answer at least they also got to hear about my  friend’s inspirational life story.

And maybe something in my letter will empower others to reach their dreams. This is the same wish that I have for my blog. To empower people to believe in the impossible and to test the limits. The resiliency of the human spirit is empowering, there is a endless list of reasons of why it is not reasonable that I become a Orthopaedic Physician Assistant. I have two reasons why I should: 1. My struggles have allowed me to relate to many situations and if I reach my dreams I will inspire all those around me to continue to reach for their dreams, even why they can’t see the light and, 2. I will be the best Orthopaedic Physician Assistant in the field.

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. And hope can spring from virtually no where. Just because you may not “fit the mold” as someone in the position of your dreams or  I may not necessarily “fit the mold” as a Orthopedic Physician Assistant does not mean that it was not meant to be.  Hope can come in the unlikeliest of circumstance, but the only way that there is a chance of a dream becoming a realization is if we try. After all when you hear about Hurricane Katrina, complete devastation and a city ripped apart would you think of a Superbowl champion? And when you think of everything that it took to get there and the dedication of Drew Brees to not only his team but to his community it is inspirational to think about how many lives can be transformed and empowered in a city with no light. Actually there is a correction, it is not a city with no light because the city had a blinding light and thread of community in each other. New Orleans was is a city driven by passion. Passion can encourages determination, over comes obstacles, rekindles dreams and most importantly, passion is contagious and can inspire others.

What is your dream, your ultimate dream no matter how “improbable” it may seem and what are the steps that you are taking to get there?


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Start Now

I’m starting to face  reality.  Well, maybe I should not phrase it that way. I already knew that my dream is impossible and so many people have already written me out.  And I can understand why, my story and my dream do not go hand in hand. I have been through a lot and have more ahead of me. Everyone has their hardships, I know that I am not alone. But I want to try and reach for my dream. Because whether or not I make it at least I will have learned tools along the way to help the next person. Creating a ladder for success if I’m at the bottom :-). Although I know I would be a excellent Orthopedic Physician Assistant, my ultimate dream is to allow myself to be used to change the world. Maybe my change will happen by sharing my experiences, maybe its through a event that I help to organize where a person meets someone who has inspired them.  I have been through a series of failures that turned out to be positive. Because if things had worked out the way that I wanted them too then I would not have not been in the right place to help certain people. I am unable to go into detail but helping these different individuals instantly made all my failures worth it. And it also taught me a new degree of pain and strength.  You do not have to be Oprah to change the world but you do have to hold yourself to the same standard,  :-). Below is a video from Eric Thomas, ET. Don’t wait for the moment until you have arrived to take action. Start now!

How do you motivate yourself to keep going?

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What will you sacrifice?

I broke the law today. I was tired and while zipping from my overnight job to my first client of the day I turned left on a red light and into extremely busy traffic. I know it sounds menial to some, but one of my close friends was in a terrible car accident and I was amazed at how tired I was that I did that (and remorseful of the fact that the camera flashed – sigh, I will be receiving a ticket in the mail). This past week, but especially these past two days I have been working on redefining hard work. You know when you have a deadline and you go into overdrive to meet it? Well, I feel that I should be on overdrive all time. And I expect much more out of myself then I would of anyone else, I think we all do that though. One of the positive aspects about overdrive is once it is locked into, it’s extremely hard to stop. And that is how I feel about my passions and specifically graduate school. Anytime I’m sitting down I’m thinking about ways to raise money, the next essay I will write, etc. Sometimes it’s about the wonders of the human body in general and other ways that I can change the world. I can’t just lie down and rest my eyes, I feel that if I had time to sit then I also have time to work.  These past few days I’ve been operating on 0-2 hrs of sleep (which explains the left turn across two streets of traffic) but its only temporary and I will be able to go back to my 3-5 schedule on a more regular basis soon.  I really don’t want to get more sleep then that,  4 hours (for me) is plenty. I believe that, and really this is for everyone, you never know what you can achieve until you set your goal and rise above it. And in order to do that sacrifices will have to be made. But in the end what will be more important – the few hours of sleep or the fact that all those hours of missed sleep accumulated to a dream becoming a reality?

What have you sacrificed to get where you are today?

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Interest vs. Committed

Hi! Sorry it’s been a few days :-). Right now I’m in the process of polishing off five 4000 word essays to submit to various Writer’s Digest competition. The deadline is this friday, please keep your fingers crossed that I will win something! 🙂
Below is a video from ET, reminding me to always ask myself – is this really it? Can I put in any more work? For me the answer is always, yes. Always continue to push the envelope!

Random Questions: What is the best professional response when someone says something hurtful and negative about your goals?

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Greatness: What level are you?

Everyone has talents. Something that makes them unique. Often when I browse through Forbes 500 or Peoples Most Influential people I admire the achievements about others and wonder what “special gems” were inside them for them to reach their goal. Often I believe it can be easy to dismiss greatness as something that only works for that particular individual instead of holding ourselves to their level. Let me explain, I hold high standards for myself. I want to change the world. And I will not expect anything less than myself. But I do not hold myself on the same level as Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King. When you hold yourself on that level then the entire game changes.

It is hard for me to find the words and I hope that it does not seem like I am contradicting myself. Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the world in way that reverberated among billions of people throughout the world throughout generations. I do not want to be well known but I want to be able to change the lives of people for the better, empowering to be the best that they can be. Helping others to help themselves and then to lift up their community. Encouraging others on the same walk.

When I consider myself on the same level as Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, Jr. the responsibilities change. I know I am not as important as them. But if I say, “This is the level I am at” instead of “This is the level that one day I hope I will be.” It eliminates all ” outs” and I try to handles all situations in the way that Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, Jr. would (do you remember the WWJD bracelets – similar principle except WWJD is much more powerful and a level I will continually strive for and fall short).

Always inspire to greater heights, there has already been a Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Oprah Winfrey, but there has never been another me. My task for myself is to take ask myself: Am I correctly representing the level that I am at? Muhammad Ali is on this level – am I practicing his drive everyday? Princess Diana was on this level – am I showing my kindness to others even when I am exhausted? And while I am at this level am I still continually striving for a further goal? Because the one commonality among the greats is that they were never satisfied and always striving for greatness. Below is a powerful message from Eric Thomas (aka ET the hip hop preacher). Such a powerful message in 2:36, the most powerful punch is at the end 🙂 .

What level are you?

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What can you control?

The only variables that I have control over in life is my belief in God and my work ethic. And it can be hard at times to keep in mind that the plan that God has for me  may not be one that I have for myself.

My ultimate goal is to change the world. And to change the world by having a positive impact on as many lives as possible. Orthopaedic Physician Assistant, I am nervous, scared, and excited to say those words. It makes my eyes light up and I feel excitement growing within me. I really hope this is the way that I am meant to change the world. I will work as hard as I can, I will  see what the Lord says. Which is easier said then done. Hard work can always be redefined. And the harder I work the more obsessive I become about my dream. In the end I know I have to realize that I am not the one in control.

Now I know that God may not be a popular subject. Especially in a professional blog. But my faith plays a major role in my life and is a large part of my identity. I do not judge anyone on their beliefs, my faith is what helps to keep me going. I believe that we all are given our drive from somewhere, faith, parent, mentor, etc. And sometimes it can be a combination from all the above. This blog is to share my hopes and dreams, to ask for help in terms of a hand up (not a handout),  and most importantly to help inspire others. I hope that one day one person who is in a horrible situation will see my blog and it will inspire them. I realize that I have not gone into a great detail about my past and present trials. But I am trying not to focus on them and instead shift my focus on a better life. There has to be something better then this, not just for me, but for anyone who is in a rough situation and despite of their circumstances is determined to follow their dream.

What is the key that keeps you going?

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LoLo Jones, Sheryl Swoops, Myself & Failure

Our past plays a major role in shaping who we are. It is important to learn from it and not be stuck in the past. Each time I am hurt or encounter a obstacle I try to take notes of the warnings so that I can avoid being in a situation like this again…but I also use the hurt as motivation. It makes me hungrier for success. I once attended a conference in which Sheryl Swoops was the keynote speaker, she said what drove her is the idea that somewhere somebody in the world who has been in a situation worse then her is working harder then her right now. I know it is a little bit of a tongue twister, but please re-read. It is a exceptionally powerful statement.

Even though every situation is different. There are few obstacles that have never been encountered or conquered by someone before. It is hard. And sometimes the words “hard” and “work” does not seem to the most adequate words for what is required. The phrase “blood, sweat, and tears” is a great way to define the process. And sometimes you may bleed, sweat, and cry only to fall down.

I have met so many people who have fallen down and been unable to get back up. But I also see those who  somehow still manage to rise. LoLo Jones is a great example of this. I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding her. But I choose to look past this, because our thoughts do not define her as a person, her actions do.  Having a dream without having anyone to follow or the steps to lead you to that dream is hard. Becoming a Olympian is no easy task. And it is hard to expose your personal life. To open yourself up to other people’s judgements – and to do it for the chance to inspire a stranger that you have never met. That is not easy. And then to fall short…I really do not have the adequate words. She is able to stay professional while  being judged by others. Immediately facing the lost with no time to regroup – now that takes a strong person.

My dream seems highly improbable on paper. I can see in some people’s eyes that I should probably stop trying. But I will keep trying while still striving to maintain my personal integrity. When you dream big, and you chase after your dream – putting absolutely everything into attaining your goal, while there is chance that you will achieve it there is also a chance to you will fall hard. And all I know is, for LoLo Jones, and  for anyone who has ever had a dream including myself is that if you never try then it is guaranteed that success will never happen.  I would rather be hurt and fall hard repeatedly trying to achieve my dream then sit in a corner and accept the situation that I am in as my lifelong reality. There has to be something better then this, I know that there just has to be.

What are some of your dreams, what tools do you use to get back up once you have fallen down?